Polymorph Screening

Always a critical development step, crystallization is increasingly important in the isolation and purification of drug substances. Since many compounds cannot be separated by distillation and the processing costs can be prohibitively high for separation by chromatography, optimized crystallization is typically the best processing choice. The ideal crystallization process is not only robust, reproducible, and scalable, but also generates the desired crystalline form with a good yield, a high purity, and a defined size and shape, in a fast, economical, and straight-forward manner.

Based on years of experience we provide you with crystallization screenings to obtain your drug substance in a crystalline form, or carry out complete Crystallization Process Development project, enabling you to implement our results directly into your production.

Solid Form Screening and Selection
  • Polymorphs, salts, and co-crystals
  • Selection of the best solid form
  • High-throughput screening as well as conventional approach
  • Understanding of polymorphic transformations
  • Preformulation characterization
  • From mg to kg scale

  • Crystallization screening to crystallize amorphous and difficult to crystallize compounds
  • Crystallization optimization to improve polymorphic purity, chemical purity, yield, rate, size, and morphology
  • Scale-up development